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These maps show data from our Future Energy Scenarios. They show a subset of the data available based on population-weighted allocation of our data at grid supply points to local authority, region and country levels. They are intended as a demonstrator to facilitate feedback. We plan to use this feedback to help us refine the visualisation of our data in the future.

The demands shown are the annual or typical demands that could be expected in each region either over a year or at the time of national system peak demand. Individually each region may experience higher demands as factors such as local weather conditions and local engagement with distributed energy resources impact demands at a local level throughout the year.

Transmission demands (such as industrial customers connected directly to the transmission network) and transmission connected generation are omitted from this visualisation. The transmission demands are available to download from our data portal whilst the transmission generation aggregated by fuel type are available in our FES data workbook.

We welcome comments, questions or feedback on our scenarios, please send them to FES@nationalgrideso.com.

This visualisation would not be possible without the prior work of others. We are grateful to the following organisations for sharing data and code under an open licence that allowed for re-use.

  • Interactive visualisation: The underlying code and website layout. © Open Innovations (Stuart Lowe & Patrick Lake) 2020. Released under an MIT licence.
  • Underlying map: This uses data from OpenStreetMap Contributors and © CartoDB. The Leaflet library is used to show the map.
  • Overlaid boundaries: NUTS1 and Local Authority boundaries are from the Office for National Statistics and are licensed under the Open Government Licence v.3.0. Crown copyright and database right 2019 & 2022

We are sharing our own data under an open licence on the ESO Data Portal.